Indoors 2005 - Mens Jump

Jamie Hancock, with a final perfect backloop.

With a stunning last jump, Jamie Hancock stole the jump title from under Nik Baker.

Jamie Hancock said:

"Basically, I can't believe that it all happened the way it did. I was really focused on doing well and everything I was doing came out perfectly. The semi final was the best heat of my life nailing every move I tried. But, as with most things, I was not sure whether I could do it again. And I couldn't!!! I left it to the last jump, all or nothing, and that was that. The whole event is really good and everyone involved does a real good job to make it fun. Can't wait to give it a go with the pro's and belt the ramp again!"

  1. Jamie Hancock K218
  2. Nik Baker K66
  3. John Skye K57
  4. Paul Hunt K23
  5. Steve Thorp K4
  6. Andy King K100
  7. Mat Pearch K16
  8. John Hibbard K007
  9. Robby Swift K89
  10. James Cox K106

(Picture courtesy and copyright of John Carter).