Indoors 2005 - Mens Slalom

Nik Baker, seriously cranking into a gybe. In a close run final between reigning indoor champion Nik Baker, and Olympic bronze medalist Nick Dempsey, the champion kept his crown! Baker only dropped 2 heats in his run through, one against long term friend (and rival) Guy Cribb, and one against Nick Dempsey.

1st Nik Baker, K66
2nd Nick Dempsey, GBR21
3rd Ben Proffitt, K800
4th John Skye, K57

5= Steve Thorp, K4
5= John Hibbard, K007
5= Gwilwym Williams, IR63
5= Guy Cribb, K9

9= Jamie Hancock, K218
9= Andy King, K100
9= Xavier Ferlet, GBR451
9= David Swift, K00
9= Paul Hunt, K23
9= Robby Swift, K89
9= Matt Wemms, K3

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