Indoor Championship Results 2005

Overall Results - Best indoor sailors

Taking the best 2 results from each discipline, the overall shows the best all-round indoor competitor. This year, the top indoor sailors were:

  1. Nik Baker K66 (2.7pts)
  2. John Skye K57 (5 pts)
  3. Ben Proffitt K800 (7 pts)
  4. Jamie Hancock K218 (7.2 pts)
  5. Robby Swift K89 (9.7 pts)
  6. Steve Thorp K4 (10 pts)

Final Event Results

Final scores Reports
Freestyle, Men  
Jump, Men  
Slalom, Men  
Slalom, Women Women's report
Slalom Youth  
Jump, Youth  
Junior Slalom Junior's report

Qualifying Group Results.

Indoors Day One - Qualifiers
Indoors Day Three - Jump Trials